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Been there, done that …………..One of the most commonly asked questions by anyone contacting this site is has Greg got a CD out yet? A possible indication of how many people there are wanting and waiting to buy one.  Greg has not, to date, made a CD, but he has devised, performed and recorded a version of Bizet’s la Habanera.

Greg has also enjoyed a diverse range of performance opportunities since first coming to the notice of the general public. Most visitors arrive at this site because they already know of Greg, but when and where they became aware of his spectacular countertenor vocals is not the same for all.  This page, and its sub pages, will hopefully give a visitor to this site an overview of some of the performance highs, and lows, that Greg has experienced in the last few years. It does not really matter then if you are a total new comer to the performer ‘Greg Pritchard’, and perhaps have come to this website after finding and viewing a video on You Tube; a read through of these pages should bring you ‘up to date’. Do not worry either that you have somehow ‘missed’ all of the good bits, there is so much more to come. Britain's Got Talent is the starting point for many who come to this site. Either because they viewed Greg’s audition in 2009, or have since come across a video of it. This site often gets messages of support sent from those who have ‘just’ seen the video and been amazed by his voice and performance.

Greg appeared on the third series of the talent show, with his audition screened in May. The process of appearing on the programme had actually started the previous year with applications and an invitation to audition for the initial selection panel; Greg sang “Ebben? Ne andro lontana” from the opera La Wally, and obviously made it through to audition in front of the celebrity judges.  

Unable to secure a backing track for his first choice of song to sing for the judges he performed Nessun Dorma, an iconic aria from Turandot for his ‘live’ audition.  This second choice  did have  the advantage that it was a ‘piece of opera’ that a general audience would know and recognise, and be aware that it was an aria normally sang by a tenor. Very quickly a few giggles from an incredulous audience, who were obviously used to the aria being sung considerably lower than Greg’s rendition of it, turned to applause and then a standing ovation.

A somewhat bemused Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden sent Greg through to the next round, the pool of acts from which the final 40 would be chosen for the semi-finals. Almost immediately videos of Greg’s live audition began to circulate on the internet, being viewed by both the curious and informed.  Specialist early music sites considered the impact that he had had in introducing the high male voice to a general viewing public.  Other Greg Pritchards’ who had a presence on the web had to make it clear on their websites that they were not ‘that’ Greg Pritchard.  One blogger who had casually mentioned Greg, as he had been served by him at the restaurant where Greg worked at the time that the live audition was screened, found his normally quiet blog so inundated with traffic that it crashed constantly.

Greg was unsurprisingly chosen as one of the final 40 acts. Perhaps the judges were aware that his audition video had gone viral, reaching number one in the Viral Video Charts; it presently has in excess of 20 million hits. For the semi final Greg sang both vocal ‘parts’ of the duet ‘Barcelona’ that was originally performed by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe. Greg was not voted into the finals, but that did nothing to deter those who knew that they wanted to see and hear more.

Those that wanted to hear more included producers and directors of musicals. Greg was successful in securing a lead role with a touring musical that would have been staged in London and throughout the UK. Sadly 2009 will be remembered by many as the year that the economic recession that Britain has been experiencing really commenced; it was a time when the credit crunch really started to bite and lots of projects, arts based and otherwise, found that they could not raise the finances they needed.  Unfortunately the show that Greg was to have starred in ran into financial difficulties and never opened.

You can hear Greg talking about some of the up and downs he experienced immediately after Britain’s Got Talent in an interview he gave to radio broadcaster Jay Curtis for Bridge FM.

Britain’s Got Talent

If you have just listened to the Bridge FM interview you will be aware that whilst Greg had, in fact, been very busy immediately after BGT, by 2010 his life  had already been something of a roller coaster ride; a period of highs and lows.

Years on from that interview Greg has undertaken a very diverse range of engagements.  He has continued to support charities both large and small, some of which have been especially ‘close to his heart’. He has carried out a range of commercial engagements. He has sung in Asia on a number of occasions and entertained members of the Thai Royal family. He has also made several television appearances and organised his own tour.  

Before BGT  Greg’s  voice was really only known to family and a few close friends and work colleagues. To have heard his voice outside of that relatively  small group you would have needed to have heard his school choir perform, when he was a member of it; or caught a performance by the tribute band that he briefly toured with; post BGT his voice is known to millions. To find out in more detail exactly what he has been doing since 2009 read the sub pages of this page; Greg really has ‘Been there and done that …..’

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