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If you wish to contact the site please click on the email icon @

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Welcome, whether you have been following Greg since he first came to the attention of the media or have just ‘discovered’ him a good place to start will be the ‘Been there….’ page, and its sub-pages, where you will find some introductory facts and information on the range of performance activities that have been keeping him busy since he came to the attention of the media; including charity engagements, overseas appearances, a tour and television appearances.

Go to the ‘High Notes’ page for information on the high male voice. Also on this page Greg reveals what some of his all-time favourite pieces of classical music are. The ‘Low Downs’ page will provide visitors to this site with a range of information regarding other projects that have been keeping Greg busy. As well as biographical details the ‘Low Downs’ page has information on tutoring that Greg has done, film work, qualifications that he is undertaking, choirs that he has sung with, and information on an invitation to appear in a rarely performed opera in Mayfair.

Details of the range of music courses that Greg has attended in recent years can be found on the Extra Curriculum page and its sub-pages. He has been a member of the W.I.A.V. Saturday Academy and attended an International Opera course also affiliated to W.I.A.V. In September 2015 Greg completed an Opera Intensive Summer School course at the  National Opera Studio in London.  It was the second year that he had attended a Summer School at the National Opera Studio, previously he completed their Opera Intro. Summer School. The National Opera studio was established by the Arts Council in 1979 and since 2003 has had premises in Chapel Yard, Wandsworth. The Studio acts as a link between music colleges and the six main opera companies in the U.K. Last Summer Greg attended an intensive week long course taught by the  Cambridge Early Music organisation and has a full bursary to return this year, read further details in the section below.

Contact details for Greg, including a Message for Greg box which he really enjoys receiving, can be found on the ‘Contacts’ page.

Student Life

Year three of Greg’s studies was, like the first two years, full and demanding. One of the highlights of the year was the module that he undertook in the first term which culminated in a musical and theatrical spectacle celebrating the work of the renowned Irish author James Joyce entitled Portrait of the Artist. One of the concerts programme credits Greg received was as a composer/arranger for his input to a haunting version of The Last Rose of Summer, one of the pieces played for the audience in the foyer before the performances. He also danced in one of the scenes. His greatest input though was devising and appearing in two scenes, one in each half, where he appeared with two other male members of the cast as the ‘Museyroom’ ladies. The first half appearance of the Museyroom  ladies  afforded some much needed light relief in what was an otherwise somewhat intense and dark part one; a fact that was noted by a local press review that described the scene as something of a cross between Father Ted and Monty Python. Another highlight of Greg’s final year was a concert given by The Chimera Ensemble where part of the programme  included  Unsuk Chin’s Cantatrix Sopranica. Greg sang the Countertenor vocal part for this complex modern piece where at one point part the Countertenor’s role involved producing high pitched notes from a part filled glass of water by circling the glass rim whilst singing equally high notes.

For all completing their degrees there is the question of what to do next? Greg wishes to continue his studies and has considered various possibilities for this. One option that has increasingly appealed for Greg is to study in Europe particularly Germany or Austria. An enquiry for more detailed information than was readily available on the internet to the Mozarteum University of Salzburg resulted in Greg being invited to go there and sing for the Head of Baroque studies. In January this year he flew out to a very, very cold Austria where he stayed for a couple of days before going onto Berlin. He thoroughly enjoyed his time in both Austria and Germany finding he liked the food and cultural experiences that both countries had to offer.  Greg also, as planned, sang for the Head of Baroque at the Mozarteum and was thrilled to receive a very positive response from the session; strengthening his commitment to the idea of continuing his studies in Europe. However, his German language skills at present are not of a standard that he would need for study at an advanced level and so he presently is planning to move to Germany either towards the end of this year or the beginning of 2018 as living in a country is always one of the best ways to learn a new language or quickly enhance existing skills with a view to applying formally for advanced study after a period of work.  A lot of planning to be done then but in the first instance his commitments to the Cambridge Early Music course and Tosca will take precedence.

Summer News

Greg has lived in the beautiful city of York for the last three years whilst undertaking a Music Degree at the University. A member of the elite Russell Group of universities the University of York is one of the success stories of higher education in the UK, and has been just one of six post-war universities that appeared in the Times Higher Education ranking of the ‘World Top 100’ universities. Now, for the beginning of the Summer, Greg is based once again in his native Wales.  In the next few weeks however he will be travelling to Cambridge and London to prepare for and take part in various music performances. In 2016 Greg attended a Summer School at Jesus College Cambridge hosted by Cambridge Early Music, a body that since 1993 has provided intensive study weeks in historically informed performance of early music. Greg was delighted to be personally invited to apply for a place this year also and has received a full bursary for attendance of the Monteverdi Legacy Summer School which will take place the first week in August at Girton College.

Greg will also, this Summer, be singing in a production of Tosca.  The production of Tosca will  involve some gender fluidity in some of the roles. Greg will be singing with the soprano chorus and also the shepherd boy’s aria ‘Io de sospiri Mia’. Performances of Tosca will take place in London on various dates throughout August.  As part of his preparation for Tosca and other Summer recitals Greg will continue to attend singing lessons with his present vocal coach Raymond Connell, a native Australian now based in London.  (Previously Greg has enjoyed three years of happy collaboration with vocal teacher Linda Hutchison.) Since living in the UK his present coach Raymond has worked for both the Royal Academy of Music and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He presently runs the Raymond Connell Singing Studio.